Trailer tax calculator for Germany

Trailer tax calculator for Germany

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Trailer tax calculator for Germany

Not only motor vehicles, but also trailers are subject to motor vehicle tax in Germany. However, there are also tax exemptions for them in certain cases - as with motor vehicles. The amount of the motor vehicle tax for trailers subject to registration depends on the total weight permitted under traffic law. However, the maximum amount for trailers is 373.24 €. Exactly how high the motor vehicle tax is for your trailer can be calculated quickly and easily with our trailer tax calculator.

Calculating the tax rate for car trailers

The trailer with passenger cars costs 7.46 € motor vehicle tax per 200 kg or part thereof. A trailer with 740 kg thus costs the same tax as the 800 or 620 kg trailer.

The calculation is simple:

  • 740 kg weight
  • 740 : 200 = 3,7 rounded to 4
  • 4 x 7.46 € = 29.84 € rounded to 29 € annual car trailer tax

However, there is an annual limit for trailer tax of 373.24 €. This is the amount paid by owners of a 10-ton trailer and any even heavier trailer.

Tax exemption for certain truck and car trailers

The trailers listed below are generally exempt from motor vehicle tax:

  • trailers for sport and hobby purposes, including dog carriers, horse trailers, boat trailers and glider trailers
  • working machines designed as trailers, such as asphalt stoves and construction machines *trailers that are allowed to drive at a maximum of 25 km/h and are used for agricultural purposes

The corresponding purpose must be indicated for the tax exemption at the time of registration.Tax free trailers may only be used for the specified purpose. Anyone who uses them for other purposes is committing tax evasion. Owners of a hanger that is tax-exempt can refuse this tax exemption and thus use the hanger for other purposes completely legally. The owners only have to have the registration changed accordingly at the registration office.

All trailers subject to registration are given an ordinary license plate like the motorized vehicles, i.e. black lettering on a white background. Tax-exempt trailers receive the green license plate (green lettering on white background). The above-mentioned trailers are given the green license plate number without any problems.

For other types of trailers, however, it is possible to apply for tax exemption, and they will then also receive a green license plate number. That would be:

  • trailers for forestry or agriculture, which drive slightly faster than 25 km/h
  • Trailers for milk transport

The relevant application for tax exemption is accepted by the competent main customs office. This application must explain plausibly why the tax exemption seems justified in the specific case.

In such cases, however, further conditions apply, including the so-called trailer surcharge which can eat up the tax exemption. This amounts to 373.24 € for trailer teams weighing less than 10 tons and thus corresponds to the annual maximum tax rate for trailers. The tax is thus only shifted from the trailer to the towing vehicle.

If the trailer weighs less than 10 tons, it will even be more expensive than the individual taxation of the trailer. Moreover, these trailers may not be towed by a normal car. Nevertheless, the special tax exemption can be worthwhile in certain cases for larger companies with more trailers than towing vehicles.

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